What it Means to be a Tiger

Whether you’re a full-blooded, born-in-Death-Valley, die-hard-and-tailgate-harder, my-wife’s-in-labor-but-there’s-five-minutes-left-on-the-clock Tiger or simply Tiger-curious, there’s plenty to learn and celebrate about our proud Tiger traditions.

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Being A Tiger

Do You Speak Tiger?

Being a Tiger means kneauxing the lingeaux.

Bluegrass Miracle

\ ˈ ˌ blü- gras \ ˈmir-i-kəl \ noun 74-yards of proof that God prefers Tigers over Wildcats.

The Boot

/ ˈTtHə / ˈbüt / noun The shape of our state can kick and stomp. Coincidence?

Chance of Rain…NEVER

\ ˈchan(t)s \ əv \ ˈrān \ ˈne-vər \ adage Audience precipitation-denial occurring on game days.

Chinese Bandits

\ chī- nēz ˈ \ ban-ˈdi-tēs \ proper noun If the defense makes a stop on 3rd down and the Tiger Band starts playing, bow down! Don’t ask questions! DO IT!

Death Valley

\ ˈdeth \ ˈva-lē \ proper noun Historic burial ground of LSU Tiger’s SEC rivals.

The Earthquake Game

\ ˈthētt \ ˈ ˌ ərth- kwāk \ ˈgām \ proper noun In 1988, Tigers proved they can shake the ground beneath their feet.


/ō/ suffix How Tigers mark their grammatical territory.


/gō/ verb To beat one’s opponent into swamp putty.

Golden Girls

\ ˈgōl-dən \ ˈgər(-ə)lz \ collective noun Goddesses of crowds, cheers, victory and sequins.

Hold That Tiger

\ ˈhōld \ ˈthat \ tt ˈtī-gər \ proper noun The Tiger Band plays these four notes to herald the doom of our Fighting Tigers’ opponents. (AKA Dah-da-Dah—da!)

House That Pete Built

\ ˈ uu ha s \ ˈthat \ tt ˈpēt \ ˈbilt \ proper noun The Pete Maravich Assembly Center was opened in 1972 and named after Pete Maravich in 1988. Also known as the PMAC, Pete’s Palace, The Deaf Dome and as the place where Tigers hold court.

Mike the Tiger

\ ˈmīk \ ˈTtHə / ˈtī-gər \ proper noun Beloved mascot and symbol of LSU’s ability to eat its rivals then go for a swim.

No. 18

\ ˈnəm-bər \ ( )ā(t)- tēn ˈ ˈ \ noun Since 2003, it’s the jersey number used to indicate Tiger greatness since most of our rivals can’t count any higher.

Saturday Night in Death Valley

\ ˈsa-tər-(ˌ)dā \ ˈnīt \ ˈin \ ˈdeth \ ˈva-lē \ proper noun What Tigers think about, dream about and live for.


\ ˈ ˌ tāl- gāt iŋ \ intransitive verb Sacred ritual involving burnt offerings, mass chanting and trash talking.


\ ˈtī-gäs \ noun What Tigers call themselves when they’re feeling frisky.

Tiger Bait

\ ˈtī-gər \ ˈbāt \ noun Tigers’ regular diet of imported meats from Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama…you get the idea.

Tiger Rag

\ ˈtī-gər \ ˈrag\ proper noun The Golden Band from Tigerland’s greatest hit.

Victory Hill

\ ˈvik-t(ə-)rē \ ˈhil \ proper noun A traditional gathering place for Tigers before battle. Designated for cheering, marching and the donning of the menacing game face.

Win Bar

\ ˈwin \ ˈbär \ proper noun The touchstone of victory at the exit of the Tiger’s lair.

Real Tigers Just Kneaux

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